A look at ALLCO.

ALLied interstate development COrporation (ALLCO) was incorporated in 1971. The corporation is licensed in the State of California as a General, Electrical, Sign, and Data Communication (B-1, C-10, C-45, and C-7) contractor.  We are also licensed in the States of Washington and Oregon as a General Contractor. We have facilitated our customer?s needs through out the United States by generating affiliations in most States.

ALLCO's customer list is comprised of many Fortune 500 Companies.  The following are just a few of them; 7-Eleven Inc., Conoco Phillips, Southern California Gas, Pacific Enterprises, Philip Morris, Walt Disney Corporation, J.C. Penny, Payless/Rite Aid, Safeway, Big 5 Sporting Goods, K-Mart, ADP, Carl?s Jr., E.D.S., Fiserv-CNS, American Express, IBM Corporation, Siemens Building Technologies Inc., First Data Corporation (Western Union), Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and nearly all the major financial institutions in the Western United States.

                                         ATM and Data Experience 

In the early development of the ATM Networks we, Allied Interstate Development Corp. (AIDCO), installed the first ATM in California in a Wells Fargo Branch in San Francisco. We continued to install (through-the-wall) ATMs through the mid 80?s for Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Security Pacific, First Interstate Bank, Great Western Bank, World Savings, Bank of California, and others. We also provided a manufacture certified ATM repair service on IBM, Diebold, and NCR ATM machines. This service was both on site and shop repairs when required. From the mid 80?s to today we have redirected our ATM installation business to floor model type units, concentrating on providing Project Management and the electrical and data communication wiring installation. In 1991 the AIDCO name and the Banking Branch Terminal Design Business was purchased creating the AIDCO Corporation. ALLied interstate development COrporation (ALLCO) continued to work with the Banking Industry with the installation of Computer Rooms; we also provided light engineering and installation of the ATM lighting mandated by the State of California (Assembly Bill 244). All existing exterior ATMs in California installed prior to 1991 ? Scope of work; take light readings of the existing or proposed ATM area, submit a report with the existing light readings on a Site plan. Provide engineered lighting modifications to conform to AB244. After the light modifications had been completed we provide a Site plan with light readings and certification of the ATM Site. ALLCO provided this service to numerous Banks throughout California. ALLCO currently provides ATM related on-site electrical and data communication services. This includes the installation of the modem and work with the Network Communication Group to bring the ATM live, modem swaps, and ATM circuit conversions. We also provide ATM restoration services, both on Site cleaning service with touch-up painting and Shop service in a controlled painting environment. We no longer replace ATM components because the manufacturers have taken this portion of the business back by restricting part availability and equipment training.

Money Quik: ALLCO provided the Project Management and site preparation activities for the Money Quik ATM program from Inception in 1986. We installed approximately 1300 Money Quik ATM's plus the interior and exterior ATM signs in California and Nevada. The installation site list included: 7-Eleven Stores, Target Stores, Home Base, Sears stores, plus various Shopping Centers, Universities, and Colleges in California. The scope of work was to provide one dedicated isolated ground electrical circuit at the ATM location and provide the data cabling from the Telephone Backboard to the ATM. We also received, warehoused, and install the Modem and brought the sites on line. We have provided quarterly on Site restoration on all of Money Quik's ATM locations. We also provided emergency electrical and data communication service when required.

EDS: After EDS purchased Money Quick we established a working relationship with them, and have been doing Maintenance, Project Management, and new ATM installations for them through the United States. The Sites include: 7-Eleven Stores in the States of AZ, CA, CO, FL, NV, OR, and WA. Costco?s nationwide, Target Stores, Sears Stores, Wal-Mart & Sam?s Club, Walgreen?s, and Wild Oats Markets.

Additional services provided to EDS include:


On Site ATM relocates; moving the ATM on Site to a secure area during Store remodels. Also removing the ATM during construction when required, providing off Site storage, and then the re-installation. (Nationwide).

Fiserv-CNS: Fiserv purchased the Consumer Network Services (CNS) group from EDS and currently manages the ATMs obtained from EDS by American Express, we currently provide them with electrical and data related ATM Services. This includes ATM circuit swaps due to Mux site closures throughout the Unites States.

American Express: Installation of ATM electrical and data cabling in Airports, Atlanta International GA, San Jose CA and Salt Lake City UT. We also relocated one of the ATMs to a temporary location in the San Jose Airport because of a terminal remodel. We have also provided maintenance on other Airport locations throughout the United States. After American Express purchased most of EDS?s ATMs we have been and are currently providing the same services to American Express.

Conoco Phillips: Installation of a data distribution rack system including patch panels, Cisco switch, and a UPS in ground-up remodels of Union76/Circle-K Stores. This project includes all of the in Store telephone and data cabling.


Other projects:


1.  The installation of the data cabling and electrical for ATM installations (Pick-up Sites in California & Arizona). Other projects include, computer relocates..

2.  Installation and initialization of approximately 400 Western Union Terminals in Circle-K Stores the Arizona and California Stores. This project included cabling, cross connecting the TELCO circuit at the patch panel, and initialization of the equipment.

Electrical Projects:

 1. The installation of ATM signs in Union76/Circle-K Stores in the states of California, New Mexico, Texas, Oregon, and Washington.

2.  Job walk Union76/Circle-K Stores in Arizona and California and make electrical upgrade recommendations. We then identified the electrical circuits and made minor electrical repairs as required.

3. Up grade the sales floor lighting and electrical panels.

4. Replace the existing 400 amp Service with a new 600 amp Main Switchboard including transformer pads, underground Utility conduits, and new in Store electrical Panels


ATM installation and maintenance in Albertsons Markets, Costco, Homebase, Max Foods, and Stater Brothers Markets, plus the McDonalds ATM Pilot Sites in Southern California. We also installed the Y2K software upgrade for THE COOP on their NCR ATMs in Arizona, California, and Colorado. Other services included on a Site Restoration (cleaning, touch-up painting, and logo change-out) in AZ, CA, CO, OR, and UT.

Diebold: ATM data and electrical wiring in the Northern California Wal-Mart Stores the Pilot Sites for Wells Fargo Bank. We completed the Wal-Mart ATM rollout for EDS throughout the United States.


Heartland Cash Network: ATM installation and maintenance services provided, electrical & data communication trouble-shoot and repairs, modem swaps, software update installation, refurbish ATMs on a Site Restoration (cleaning, touch-up painting, and logo change-out) in the Westfield Shopping Centers. Also ATM removal with Shop service in a controlled painting environment.

Carl?s Jr.:  Credit Card/Card Debit network ? ALLCO provided project management, the electrical and data communication wiring, equipment installation and brought the system on line, at approximately 400 restaurants locations.


California State Lottery (CSL): ALLCO had the privilege of being the only State recommended and authorized contractor for the installation of the electrical and data communication wiring for the Lottery equipment on major accounts. The CSL major accounts list includes all large chain Super Markets. We also provided the installation of approximately 500 additional  Player Activated Terminals (customer use) in various California Super Markets. Scope provide a dedicated isolated ground electrical circuit and data cabling from the existing Lotto Terminal to a remote location on the sales floor. This relationship lasted from the initial rollout in 1986 to 2001. The CA Lottery network is currently being changed from a landline based (TELCO) type to a satellite (Dish) type network. The Satellite Division of Hughes Network Systems currently manages, maintains, and installs communication equipment for the network.          


7-Eleven Inc.: ALLCO has provided numerous services to 7-Eleven Inc. since 1984.  One of the first projects that we were chosen to take part in for 7-Eleven Inc. was to coordinate the Lottery installation with California State Lottery.  Allied Interstate was responsible for Project Management and preparing the stores with the necessary electrical and low voltage cabling required supporting the Lottery equipment.  This included the installation of a CA earthquake approved KENO (Hot Spot) monitor bracket. Due to circumstances associated with the Lottery project, we had 13 weeks to complete the installation activities for approximately 1150 stores.  The project was completed on time.

1. While we were completing the lottery project we were preparing to kick off the Movie Quik Project.  Our scope of work on this project was the electrical, low voltage, and construction related activities, warehouse and the physical installation of the associated equipment and hardware, technical support and the final system test. At the conclusion of the project we had completed over 3500 stores in the States of California, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. 

2.  The Sharenet VSAT satellite communications program was another project of Allied Interstates.  We performed all of the site preparation (which included site specific engineered mounts for the satellite dish), warehoused equipment and provided the installation. The system testing included bringing the sites up and on line in the Western United States.

3.  Another program that we have worked on with 7-Eleven, is the pilot test sites for Electronic Scanners.  We performed the site preparation activities for pilot stores in both California and Texas.

4.  We also have warehoused the equipment and provided the installation services for the Lorillard clocks through out the State of California in the 7-Eleven Stores.             

7-Eleven Projects In progress: For over 20 Years ALLCO has been and is providing electrical, data communication, and telephone line maintenance service to the 7-Eleven Stores in Southern CA. We currently install the data commutation cabling in all of the new California & Nevada Stores. This includes: the CA State Lottery, POS and ISP Computer, Money Order, ATM, VCOM cabling, and the Site telephone wiring. We also support various remodel projects in the Southern California area.



On going Low Voltage & Data Maintenance: This includes ISP computer relocates and Money Order trouble calls throughout Southern California

Electrical - We have been providing electrical repairs, Panel upgrades, and Main Switchboard replacement on existing 7-Eleven Stores in the California and Arizona. 

Siemens: The installation of the Alarm Systems in new 7-Eleven stores in California & Nevada.

Other Experience

Computer Room Installations for: The City of Chino, CA., First Interstate Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, ADP (Data Center), Southern California Gas, Pacific Enterprises, Walt Disney Corporation, and Thrifty Corporation. This included the construction, environmental control, data and electrical cabling, equipment installation, and network implementation.

The Disney Project was a complete fiber network including the construction of a computer rooms, data cabling, and workstation installation over a six-block area in Burbank California for Disney?s Imagineering Group.

7-Eleven: Rollout type projects, the installation of new sales counters. We completed all of the sales counter installations in the State of Oregon. During the installation we  trained other regional contractors for 7-Eleven Inc.. We then completed approximately 400 Sites in California and Nevada. ALLCO was also selected to provide the site preparation activities for the Hot-to-Go food program throughout the State of California approximately 1200 locations. The Café Cooler project Scope - the installation of dedicated electrical circuits for approximately 800 units.

Electrical - The scope of services range from installation of one electrical outlet to the complete renovation of the entire store electrical system. Providing a new service and sub panels including the installation of a new 600 Amp Main Switchboard ("MSB") and Sub Panels.  Working with the Facilities and Construction Departments we also have created Project Bid documents that include electrical engineering and the site plans.

Philip Morris:

From day one, February 1989, Allied Interstate provided the installation services for the Philip Morris Overhead Cigarette Merchandisers in the California, Oregon, and Washington 7-Eleven Stores. We also installed Overhead Merchandisers in other Super Markets and Convenience Stores.

Joint Ventures with SatCom Direct:

K-Mart Stores: The installation of the Satellite Network equipment in all of the K-Mart Stores west of the Mississippi. This included the satellite dish, patch panels, data cabling, POS cabling, and a UPS System at each Store.


Exxon: Installation of VSAT Satellite equipment at various Service Station locations in California.


Thrifty Corporation (Thrifty/Payless/Rite Aid Drug Stores):

The installation of a complete Satellite Network. This included satellite equipment at all US Store locations, the installation of a Computer Room with all cabling and equipment, and the installation of a 50-meter satellite dish on the top of the Thrifty/Pacific Enterprises Building in downtown Los Angeles. This project also included the Big 5 Sporting Goods Stores owned by the parent corporation Pacific Enterprises.

 Old Republic Home Maintenance calls in the southern California region.